Open Thread: Donald Trump Gets The Nuclear Codes Tomorrow. Sleep Good, OK?

Relax, this one's only a museum. The other 6800 warheads may be a concern.

Kids, Yr Wonkette has to admit to feeling a little down yesterday after writing that post about how this is the third straight year of record-high global temperatures, which is not good for polar bears, coastal populations, or really anyone. But you know what? Sometimes a little factoid comes along that just takes your mind off such long-term concerns:

Enjoy your final Open Thread of the Obama administration. And perhaps of human history.

Nahh, we're kidding. We're sure we'll see you all tomorrow. On the Beach.

No, seriously, nothing to worry about. Let's Party!

Honestly, there's no reason to worry that the moment he finishes the Oath, Trump will say, "Hey, Mr. Chief Justice! Hold my beer and WATCH THIS!" For one thing, Trump doesn't drink.

[Kelly O'Donnell on Twitter / Smithsonian]
Doktor Zoom

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