Openly Partisan Organization Run By Loudmouth Kook Notes Other Openly Partisan Organization Run By Loudmouth Kook


Tucker Carlson's right-wing whack-job blog has discovered there's another openly partisan website, but this one is liberal! We will go ahead and not worry about reading the hard-hitting investigation in The Daily Caller that reveals Media Matters of America is just what it claims to be, an anti-wingnut collection of outrages from Fox News and its ilk. Instead, we will laugh at The Awl's description, and then maybe go get a cup of coffee:

Part one of The Daily Caller's hit piece on Media Matters for America went up last night. They accuse the progressive and political 501(c)(4) organization of declaring a war on Fox News! (The war on Fox News was described by Media Matters CEO, David Brock, as a "war on Fox.") So yes, part one here reveals that Media Matters seeks to discredit right-wing talking heads, which is its actual, published agenda ....

The Awl also notes that both The Daily Caller and Media Matters for America are both "openly partisan organization[s]" run by "loudmouth kook[s]," which seems kind of wasted unless you're going to put it in the headline, which we will certainly do right now. Done! [The Awl]


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