Operation at the DNC

We hear that a passel of progressives is currently descending on the Democratic National Committee's headquarters to symbolically provide the group with a "spine." An operative writes:

The little ditty "the hip bone's connected to the leg bone" became a leftie anthem today. It was sung ad nauseum outside DNC headquarters, as a slightly mangy band of protesters arrived to "deliver the Democrats a spine." The wanna-be Julie Taymors were carrying a fifty foot-long "spine" that appeared to have been made out of white t-shirts. Each vertebrae was emblazoned with various Democratic messages. Pro: the vertebrae that read "Enshrine Reproductive Rights." Hell yeah, we'll drink to Roe! Con: only one dude with dreadlocks. But at least he wasn't the one holding the Howard Dean sign.
Lovely sentiment, but what they really need are "balls."

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