Oppressed DC Democrats Must Pay More For Booze

The National Democratic Club is a magical place in our nation's capital where Fat-Cat Democrats go to drink their sodomite faces off and enjoy"exciting new menus" courtesy of Executive Chef Tony Hang. But the party might not be so much fun in the future: the NDC is raising its drink prices like common capitalist swine.

A highly placed Wonkette operative sends us this sad communication from the NDC:

TO: NDC Members

FROM: The Executive Committee

SUBJECT: Drink Prices

Due to an increase in the cost of alcoholic beverages and because drink prices have not been increased for four years, effective on July 1, the price for beer and wine will be increased by $1.00 and all other distilled spirit prices will increase by $1.50 per serving. While these new prices reflect economic reality, beverage prices at the Club remain highly competitive, and we continue to look forward to your support and patronage.

It's enough to make a person a Republican! We hear that moonshine's still going for $10 a jug at the Capitol Hill Club.

National Democratic Club


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