Oprah Narrowly Escaped The Taint!

  • Beloved Serbian leprechaun Rod Blagojevich went on Good Morning America instead of going to his corruption trial today, and talked about why Oprah would have made a good senator. [ABC News]
  • Barack Obama! Every day this guy issues more executive orders! This one will let the hippies in CA have the wondrously fuel-efficient cars they've been craving for years. [San Jose Mercury News]
  • A two-minute appeal for aid to Gaza will air on several British television stations, but not the BBC. This makes many BBC staffers very angry. [Guardian]
  • Yet another regional summit will convene in Africa to hammer out a power-sharing agreement in Zimbabwe. This process has been dragging on for almost literally a year, and Mugabe is still a dillweed. [Reuters]
  • A 14-year-old boy spent a whole day dressed as a cop, going around to traffic stops with an actual cop and generally doing things cops do, until he was caught. [Chicago Tribune]
  • Those Gazan children who are still alive went back to school today. [AHN]

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