Oregon GOP Senate Nominee Wants Martial Law To Control The Obama-Soros Antifa Supersoldiers

Oregon GOP Senate Nominee Wants Martial Law To Control The Obama-Soros Antifa Supersoldiers

Last month, Jo Rae Perkins won the Republican nomination for Oregon's US Senate race, despite being an absolute QAnon loony toon. As such, in a video address last week, first reported on at Daily Kos, she weighed in on the George Floyd protests and what she thinks is going on there. Unsurprisingly, she does not think it is just a natural uprising that resulted from the fact that people are extremely tired of seeing unarmed black people murdered by cops, but rather ... something else. She is not happy about these protests and would like the state to declare martial law in order to arrest all of the protesters.

Perkins does not believe that the protesters in Oregon are protesting simply because they are outraged by police brutality. No, it is something else entirely. They're either drugged, or brainwashed, or paid, because those are absolutely the only reasons that anyone would not believe the exact same things as Jo Rae Perkins.

Jo Rae Perkins demands martial law to stop 'antifa' from invading townsyoutu.be

Perkins has several theories for what could be going on with these protesters:

  • The "children" have been brainwashed by video games. This is very Tipper Gore of her, but what video games are we talking about here, even? Just general video games that are teaching kids to be really bothered by police brutality? Is that a thing?
  • The "children" have been brainwashed by psychotropic ADHD drugs. As someone who has ADHD but had been mostly unmedicated for her entire life, I can assure you that on the few occasions when I attempted to give stimulant meds a go, it did not affect my politics in any way, aside from being better able to stay on topic.
  • Obama's Army. Perkins thinks she recalls Obama starting an army or something for this purpose. My guess is that she is actually thinking of Dumbledore's Army from Harry Potter.
  • George Soros is paying them all and bussing in "antifa" to cause trouble in the burbs.

This is the part where she explains that Oregon needs to declare martial law and deploy the National Guard to start fighting "Obama's Army," a thing she believes exists.

Clearly there's crazy people out there. Clearly we need to get a grip. Clearly we need to be praying. Clearly we need some strong leadership in our states. That is clear. Oregon needs Governor Brown to call out the National Guard. The National Guard is here, they need to be deployed, they need to be activated. Ashland, Klamath Falls, Eugene, Salem, Portland. Where else are they gonna pop up? Bend? I will bet you guys that Bend is gonna happen next. It will be next, because Bend is a large town. Bend, and Pendleton. They are deploying all over the place.

This is the army—this is the army that Obama put together a few years ago. Wasn't there an army that he put together a few years ago? I just read about it.

There was not, in fact, an army of antifa supersoldiers Obama put together a few years ago. Even if he did, how is he pulling off this kind of operation without even being president? That seems tough! Also how is he supposed to be funding this army? With Soros dollars?

Perkins took a moment to pray to "Lord God" to help Trump block George Soros from being able to pay antifa to cause mayhem:

Lord, these people have no sense of morality, of what is right and what is wrong, Lord God. Not the ones that are causing this mayhem. This antifa. Father God, shut down George Soros, Lord God. End his reign of terror, Lord God. We know that he is funding this. Lord, we say, 'Strip that money, strip that money strip that money.' If there is a way, Father God, that President Trump's administration can block him from being able to spend any more money, Lord God, then allow that happen.

So. Where exactly are all of these obscenely rich antifa activists? Well, other than the dude from The National, who — according to some other QAnon people — is an antifa organizer who is also paying other people to be antifa.

Truly though, it is amazing that George Soros has managed to pay off half of the United States enough for all of us to pretend to be progressive and never, ever reveal this secret, even on our deathbeds, but not enough so that we are all rich? That is super impressive. It flies right in the face of that old Ben Franklin saying/the Pretty Little Liars theme song lyric "Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead."

You would have to think that at least one person, in the age of the internet, would go Jane Roe and reveal, right before they were about to die, "I actually love cops and hate the idea of everyone having equal rights and also I hate the poor, but George Soros paid me so much money that I pretended I thought the opposite!" Or that one person would have turned down his offers of riches? Or that one person, somewhere, would defect from Obama's evil army!

If everything this woman makes up in her head or "reads somewhere" is true (it is not true), then there should be way more chaos going on than just some unruly protests here and there. Frankly, I don't think either Soros or Obama is getting enough bang for their buck.

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