Orientation Week Continues: Bob Casey Finds DC Housing Market "Verrry Niiiice"

Best Year Ever! - WonketteMore fun with First Day of School stories in papers across the nation -- from the Times:

"He's everything I'm not," Phil Hare, a new Democratic representative from Illinois, said about Heath Shuler, a former quarterback for the Washington Redskins and newly elected Democrat from North Carolina. "In shape and good-looking."

...to, best of all, the Philly Inquirer:

"Somewhere close in and inexpensive," Casey said of his housing plans, displaying a comic, Boratlike innocence in his understanding of the Washington housing market.

It's nice that what is surely the first use of "Boratlike" in a major newspaper is also completely nonsensical. But there's our talking points for Senator-elect Casey: Antisemite, sister-fucker.

Casey begins Senate orientation [Philly.com]

In House, New Class Arrives for Lessons in Lawmaking [NYT]

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