Original Wonkette: Special Jealousy Edition

Given the amount of e-mail we get asking when Ana Marie Cox will "come back to save Wonkette," we've gathered that feelings about this blog's founding editor run strong. Many of the comments about her new job at Time.com were positive. Several were not. In the spirit of rewarding bad behavior, here's the best of those.

From Outside the Beltway:

How one goes from blogging about John Kerry's member to being Time Magazine's Washington editor is unknown to me, but best of luck to her.
Is there a more interesting angle on John Kerry, really? You figure Bob Shrum would have discovered it.

The hip cats at the Media Research Center:

Previously, she was the founder of the airhead politics blog Wonkette. Before that, she worked for the liberal magazine Washington Monthly. Thus far, Time's online stable includes not one conservative blogger. At present the self-described politically neutral magazine employs Joshua Marshall, Andrew Sullivan, Cox, and its White House correspondent Mike Allen, not one of whom is a conservative much less a Republican. So how is it that Time can get away with this?
Jeez, I dunno. Because they're a profitable business and don't need to beg for lucre from Richard Mellon Scaife?

The American Street:

Finally. Now we can find out if Rumsfeld gets off on bloodwort enemas, whether Maliki's entire head fits up Cheney's supersized sphincter (or just his nose), and whether 'little man's little man' syndrome explains why the White House website's been renamed www.whitehouse.asylum.

Time Magazine; the arbiter of important stuff. And somewhere, Henry Luce's corpse is spinning in a tutu with a strap-on.

Fair's fair. That was kind of funny.

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-- David Weigel


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