Orrin Hatch, Elena Kagan Discuss Magisterial Gun On The Wall


Elitist un-ordinary New York snob Elena Kagan has been making the rounds in the Senate office buildings, where she goes to meet Very Important senators and have small talk for a few minutes, after which each senator tells the media something like, "We had a very nice chat. I look forward to asking her questions, later, about how well she can call balls and strikes, and then I will vote against her." Here's Elena Kagan meeting old Orrin Hatch, who's done this same "gun" routine about 500 times in his career by now!

Kagan: "It's a beautiful office."

Hatch: "There's some nice stuff here."

Hatch: "You're gonna get mad. There's the 'Man of the Year' from the American Rifle -- National Rifle Association. It's a piece of art, really."

Kagan: "It's beautiful."

Hatch: "It's a hand-made flintlock, and it's beautiful."

Kagan: "It's gorgeous."

So which is it, Kagan? Beautiful, or gorgeous? This woman is not even qualified to breathe air.

[Huffington Post]


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