Orrin Hatch Will Send Richard Blumenthal, Seymour Skinner To Jail


Old Orrin Hatch now FOR SOME REASON wants to amend the 2005 Stolen Valor Act, which broadened federal language to prosecute people wearing or selling or just cold showin' off military medals and honors that they themselves did not earn in combat. (Before this act, federal law had just applied to the Medal of Honor; now it extends to, what, the Purple Heart and MOST KILLZ badge.) The Stolen Valor Act is questionable already as a matter of constitutional law, and some court cases are Pending. But Orrin Hatch wants to expand it to, uh, whatever length it has to go to put that Connecticut twat Richard Blumenthal in jail.

My amendment would add to this existing statute, making false statements regarding participation in combat operations. It appears to me that individuals make these false claims in order to obtain honorariums, employment, elected office or other positions of authority. If convicted of this misdemeanor offense, the perpetrator could face 6 months in jail and/or a fine. This is the same penalty for falsely obtaining and wearing awards or medals.

When asked if this was about Blumenthal, Hatch's office replied OH WHO KNOWS?

The full text of the amendment, as Washington Post design intern Dave Weigel notes, makes it clear "that the 6 months or fine would hit anyone who made the exaggeration 'verbally or in writing.'"

Ah, so that's hideously unconstitutional. But whatever! Go Orrin! Did you know that Wonkette served with Orrin in the Wars? Oh shit...

[Dave Weigel/WP]


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