Osama Has Literally Phoned It In For 9/11 This Year


  • A BROKEN RECORD named Osama bin Laden released another tape. To review, likes: Islam, recording audio tapes, routine; dislikes: America, Israel, insolence. [Times Online]
  • China is forcing the Chinese to pay very high taxes on, let's see, American-made chickens and car parts. This aggressively random move is in response to Obama's announcement on Friday that he was going to tax the shit out of Chinese tires. [New York Times]
  • Green Revolution guy Dr. Norman Borlaug, who won the Nobel Peace Prize after he showed billions of people how to grow wheat more efficiently so as to avoid starving to death, has died. "Fields of Gold" will be especially relevant when it is inevitably played at his funeral. [WSJ]
  • President Barack Obama is visiting Wall Street today to tell everybody to take responsibility for their actions, because this will help him institute financial reform eventually. It is an invaluable form of legislative savvy he has mastered. [Washington Post]
  • Police found a body in a campus building and they think it belongs to that gal at Yale who was missing and is now dead, probably. [Los Angeles Times]

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