Other Non-Liveblogged Primaries Also Merit Your Attention!

  • And now, the primary results you've all been waiting for ... the race for the GOP nomination for South Carolina's first congressional district! Wait, you weren't waiting for this? Well, fuck you. Strom Thurmond's son advanced to a runoff against the only black Republican in South Carolina's state legislature. Bet you think it's interesting now, huh? Jerk. [WP]
  • Also in South Carolina: The establishment Democrat who had raised $200K for the honor of losing to Jim DeMint ended up getting clobbered by some unemployed lunatic, who will lose to Jim DeMint even more embarrassingly. [WP]
  • Remember Sally Kern, the Oklahoma state legislator who said a bunch of hilariously overblown and viciously cruel things about the gays? Well, her opponent in November will probably be a transgender woman. [Tulsa World]
  • Day One of the top California general elections and everybody's already being mean. Brown on Whitman: "Do you hire somebody who ... says, 'Hey, I woke up one morning, I have this money, I think I'll be governor'?" Boxer on Fiorina: "She has a horrific record, she hardly ever voted, she laid off 30,000 workers, she shipped their jobs to China, to Europe, to India. People suffered, she got all these perks and so I really look forward to this race." Fiorina on Boxer: "on the very fringe of American politics," "destructive elitism," etc. [WP, WP]
  • Oh, also, the Dutch are having their primary (or "election") today! Look for the election to be won by crazy anti-Muslim parties, maybe, or left-wing ones? It is hard to tell, they have so many parties over there! [NYT]

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