Our First Scoop! Our First Scoop! Bomb Scare at the Post

This is either actual breaking news or just another "Oh, the terrorist are coming! The terrorist are coming!" rumor, but Wonkette sources report that there was a bomb scare at the downtown Hilton at 16th and L on or about the time that W. was visiting there. The security team of the Post, located across from the Hilton on L, dutifully informed staffers:

Subject: A Security Matter

This is to let you know that a phone call came in to Advertising at 11:01 this morning, saying (without further detail) that the caller was going to blow up "a U-Haul truck across the street."

Security Chief Gary Corso contacted DC Police and Secret Service (President Bush was at the Hilton, but has since left), and they both searched the streets and alleys surrounding The Post and found nothing. Security will continue to monitor the area around our facilities.

As you know, we get vague threats from time to time, but I wanted to let you know about it.

Thank God everyone's OK and everything, but, uhm: They phoned Advertising with a bomb threat? Why can't U-Haul just fork over for a display ad like everybody else?


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