Our Friends in the Local Media Ruin Our Favorite Shows

24logo.jpgSometimes, our sources can be too reliable. This afternoon, we received an email from one of our bestest pals, Amy Argetsinger.

"I know you're busy, but I've been really hoping you'd hold forth on this week's double episode of 24. I mean, Jack [redacts] a [redact] in the [redact], [redact] dies, and we set a new world record for the [redactedest redaction that ever redacted a redact] in a single night of network television." ["redacts" mine]

Unbeknownst to dear Amy, that episode of 24 still sits, unwatched, inside the device we like to call our "analog TiVo."

So...uhm, "Spoiler alert"...it would have been nice. Just sayin'.


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