Our Irrational Gun Optimism Has Been Crushed By Another Horrible Accidental Shooting Because Why Not

Our Irrational Gun Optimism Has Been Crushed By Another Horrible Accidental Shooting Because Why Not

Most times, the world lets us down but the tiny upside of that is that we get things to write about because we flourish when people are terrible which is mostly always. Sometimes, though, we let hope get the better of us and wewrite posts about how there is the most meager chance in the world that ‘Merica might rein in its terrifyingly unmitigated gun lust. Hahahaha that will never happen and guns will be available like candy and children will accidentally shoot people forever and ever amen:

The shooting occurred while Wilson County Deputy Daniel Fanning, 51, was with another relative looking at guns in a bedroom of the home, according to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

The 4-year-old and Josephine Fanning walked into the bedroom where a loaded weapon was on top of the bed, TBI spokeswoman Kristin Helm said. The child picked up the gun and fired one round, which killed Josephine Fanning.

Alcohol was present at the gathering, Helm said. Daniel Fanning was not on duty at the time of the shooting.

The gun fired by the 4-year-old was Fanning’s personal weapon and not a police gun, Helm said. The 4-year-old was a relative of Daniel and Josephine Fanning, police said.

Loaded guns+alcohol+small children = winning combo, right? Yr Wonkette makes sure that all of these are available at family gatherings in the most copious amounts possible. Oh, who are we kidding. All we have at family gatherings is alcohol to drown out everyone.

For serious, though? Why play gunshow-and-tell with loaded weapons at family gatherings? In what alternate universe of suck is that OK? And let’s not even get into how th’ fuck anyone still left living in this little family moment isn’t fucking wrecked for life BECAUSE THEY ARE.

Fuck it. We’re going back to bed for forever.

[The Tennessean]


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