Our Kind of Treasury Secretary

We tend to think of Cabinet officials as "goody two-shoes" types. People who never got into trouble when they were kids -- like that piano-playing, figure-skating prodigy, Condoleezza Rice. (And no, we don't believe the latest rumors about her.)


But don't count Hank Paulson, President Bush's nominee for Treasury Secretary, among the ranks of perfect children. From the Washington Wire:

In a Senate Finance Committee questionnaire, Treasury Secretary-nominee Henry Paulson disclosed a run-in with the law. In answer to whether he had ever been arrested, Paulson said that in 1969, "I climbed a fence of a public swimming pool in West Lafayette, Ind., and swam in this pool after-hours. I was arrested for trespassing and fingerprinted. Subsequently, all charges against me were dropped."

He's an environmentalist and a snake-handler. And he enjoys illicit night-swimming. What's not to like? C'mon, Senators -- confirm this guy, ASAP.

Wild and Crazy Guy [Washington Wire]


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