Our National Voting Shame: Nobody Knows When To Do This Crap

Rudy Giuliani, elected Emperor of Florida six weeks agoAwesome Tuesday has turned into Hungover Wednesday. As we sit in our easy chairs with comically large ice packs held to our skulls, let's remember one important thing: however empty-brained and regretful we feel today, we can still take heart that we are smarter than thousands of morons across this great nation. Because as Walnut King John McCain might say, my friends, my friends, the Super Tuesday voting confusion did not end with the states of Texas and Washington. Who are the country's stupidest voters? Click the clicky and we'll join you after the jump.

In Virginia, a State Board of Elections spokesperson said nearly a thousand people called yesterday asking "Why aren't my polls opened, and where do I go to vote?" Because it isn't February 12, and nowhere, because you are a moron.

But the biggest losers of all were in Florida, which eagle-eyed readers will recall held a primary last week. Just try telling that to the drooling oldsters who called their elections boards yesterday insisting they had a right to vote. On harrassed elections supervisor said, "It's funny that they want to argue with us about it ... We absolutely have had more than a handful, and they are a handful."

Compounding the confusion in Florida is that it contains an Orange County, and its residents do not know if they perhaps live in Orange County, California instead.

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