Outing Randall Terry

ohyouddohimFor a homophobe, Randall Terry apparently has a really hard time getting his facts straight: His piece responding to his son's memoir-ish article in Out painted a shocking pink portrait of a queer conspiracy to seduce Jamiel into telling his story. We had a hard time imagining that such an operation could be squeezed into the already-packed gay agenda, so we weren't that surprised when a Wonketteer close to Out wrote to say that while truth of facts in the story "are between him [Randall] and Jamiel," there is no way that Out paid Jamiel to, ah, come out. Or, as elder Terry wrote: "They seduced my son with money to write a story about Jamie's life with me and my family." (We love Terry's literalness about Out's mission. He probably thinks Time is a magazine about watches.) According to our operative, Jamiel came to Out -- and was paid the standard freelance fee. "As for the $5,000, I don't know where that amount comes from." Hmm. We think Randall pulled it out of his ass.

UPDATE: Some tipster! Humph. Go read it at the Advocate (I think they, like advocate or something.) like everyone else: Randall Terry reacts to son's coming-out [Advocate.com]

My prodigal son, the homosexual [WND]

A Rising Son [Out]


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