Outrage Alert: Iraqi Prime Minister Pulls a Durbin

We were just watching the joint Bush/Jaafari presser and, boy, those Iraqis are fast learners! A brand new democracy and their reporters are already pissing off the President by asking more than one question a piece:

BUSH: You've picked up a good American trick, which is to ask two questions. (Laughter.) Congratulations.
Another little trick they've picked up? Comparing Bush to Hitler.
PRIME MINISTER JAAFARI: [W]e thought that there is a Marshall project after the Second World War that contributed -- the U.S. contributed in that and in the Truman's government when they presented assistance to the German people. German people had selected Hitler in a democratic process that had a 98 percent result, however, we are quite happy with this hospitality of the U.S. So Germany was able to work.
Sean Hannity is scheduled to call for Jaafari's apology at 3.

Remarks by the President and Republic of Iraq Prime Minister Jaafari in Joint Press Availability [WhiteHouse.gov]


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