Oval Office is Standing Room Only

bushcouch.jpgTo unwind in the Oval Office, President Bush sometimes enjoys striking an elegant pose and gently fondling a couch. According to the Houston Chronicle, however, that's not a privilege all visitors enjoy:

Members of the White House press corps understand that, as a rule, touching the furniture in the Oval Office is strictly forbidden. Even when Bush brings a group of journalists in for an informal chat, he does not invite them to sit.

Well, you know how it goes. Let them get too comfortable, and eventually an ottoman winds up pregnant. Best just to maintain a firm, abstinence-only policy.

Clinton? We bet he used to, pardon our Drudge, "mouth-kiss" every piece of furniture in the room.

UPDATE: Several WH correspondents inform us that President Bush totally lets them feel up the furniture during the Oval Office interviews, so maybe this is not a blanket policy.

No Beeps, Rings, or Furniture Touching [Houston Chronicle]


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