Overheard in Washington: Kay Bailey Hutchison, Stepford Senator

Overheard conversations are largely the territory of other blogs (both here in D.C. and elsewhere). But for some odd reason, lately we've received a lot of emails about funny things people have overheard. We'll share some of them with you today.

First up is a conversation overheard last night at Reagan National:

There are a bunch of lobbyists on this plane going home to Texas -- all with that stupid accent. Not sure who they represent but just got done spending some QT with the Texas delegation. Learned that they really like John Cornyn, but not Kay Bailey Hutchison. "She is spacey -- like a robot." Goes only where told, etc.

Learned Bush has twice monthly lunch with 10 members of Congress where he talks for 10-15 mins then he just listens and takes notes (himself, and by hand). What a genius! Think they are confusing napping and listening.

Come now, cut the president some slack. Haven't you heard of multitasking?


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