Overheard in Washington: Lots and Lots of Profanity

Maybe this doesn't fall under "overheard," since the person in question was yelling, but here it is. This came in from a reader earlier this afternoon:

There's a guy outside of Brookings screaming "Fuck bush in the ass" mixed in with the occasional "fuck brookings in the ass...fucking nazis, you bush cult" etc. etc. he's been there for about 5 minutes or so. He's screaming at folks in their cars, passing on the sidewalk, etc. Seems like the b'kings security is in dicussion with him now...i 'd love to hear that conversation. Tie die shirt and something about walking 2700 miles fighting hypothermia.

it's acutally nice to hear someone break it down to simple strategies.

If we had to fuck a think tank in the ass, we don't think we'd pick Brookings. We'd probably go with the Heritage Foundation. It would be much more transgressive, since Heritage is such a dominant top. And it would be way hotter -- especially after that fire they had.

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