Overheard in Washington: Send Cynthia McKinney to Iraq

Overheard by a reader who was enjoying free Wi-Fi at Open City last night:

Some former Navy officer (a very Aryan looking one I might add) was just talking about Chile at the table next to me. He said:

"When you look at Chile, it's a very economically stable country. That's thanks to Pinochet. Sure a lot of people died, but they were all Communists. The U.S. Congress could learn a thing or two from Pinochet."

Note the Fishbowl post from today about Aviation Week and defense publications being passed out at the Woodley Park Metro. Gotta love the conventioneers. They actually have the right to vote.

And then this update:

OK, I'm laughing now. The Navy guy just said:

"Cripes, Cynthia McKinney! They should lock her up in the brig. Better yet, she should go fight with her insurgent pals in Eye-raq. Let's see her walk past some checkpoints there!"

Heh, not a bad idea. Can someone please raise this with Rumsfeld?


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