Overwater Bungalow Vacations On Clearance! Tabs, Thurs., June 2, 2022

Overwater Bungalow Vacations On Clearance! Tabs, Thurs., June 2, 2022
Tabs gif by your friend Martini Ambassador!

Oh, I'm sorry, did you want tabs? Well too fucking bad because all my tabs are FIFTY DIFFERENT FUCKING TABS trying to register myself to pay taxes in the state of Michigan, which YOU WOULD THINK WOULD LIKE SOME FUCKING TAXES. Dirty secret, as somebody who's been an employer in Tennessee, Idaho, DC, California, Illinois, Minnesota, Montana and ??? — red states really do do "make life easy for employers" better than blue states do. Guess Michigan's only red when it comes to GODDAMN NAZIS. (They're probably not in Detroit.)

Sorry, I'm having a fucking time over here.

Oh look, news.

After a jury heard a string of texts from Johnny Depp saying he wanted to “burn” Amber Heard and that he would “fuck her burnt corpse” to “make sure she is dead,” they decided Heard defamed Depp and acted with “malice.”


Fuck you, you disgusting pieces of shit.

Spousal abuse matters. One man using his wealth, (former) sex appeal, and thousands of bots to shut up anyone who had anything positive to say about Amber Heard or her defense is a thing in our society that matters. Moira Donegan: A fucking orgy of misogyny. — The Guardian

Yes of course we need a federal anti-SLAPP law so abusers can't decide to sue people in (apparently) Virginia. (Yale Law Journal)

Blah blah blah Biden and business inflation "blame game." Wank wank wank.

Corporate executives and business groups blame Biden for — among other things — pumping too much stimulus into the system at the wrong time, not moving fast enough on supply chain fixes or eliminating more Trump-era tariffs.

You remember them bitching at Trump about supply chains or tariffs or stimulus? Because I sure fucking don't. — Politico

Haha, since I can't get my Michigan withholding, I tried to skip those of us who moved to Michigan for this payroll, and now it's zeroing out all my employees, nobody gets paid, I am going to cry. WONDERFUL!

Ghost JFK Jr. is getting all the lunatics to run for secretary of state to make sure no Trump-backed Republican ever loses again. What a friendly ghost! (Daily Beast)

California's gun laws fucking work, if you like fewer people being shot to death with guns. — Gift link New York Times

Why do so many Republicans share fake news, like all the disinfo after the Uvalde school massacre? They are stupid and they lie, but they're also soaking in it. (Gift link Washington Post)


Anatomy of a fake news story — "local" conservative dark money "news" outlets described accurately as "pink slime" — you certainly didn't fall for by reading at Fucking Wonkette. (Don Moynihan substack)

Moms for Liberty: the hottest thing since the Tea Party, here to save all the children from books and learning. — The New Republic

Open a tab, it's 500 pages of California Reparations Report!

Who was Moses the Black? A badass saint! (Wikipedia)

Still so mad. You should see the shit you need to get a driver's license. Here is a thing about data science, it looks delightful, I'm too mad to read it. — ProPublica

I will now chill out with Robbie Robertson.


Hush. Did you hear that?

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