Pa. Governor Endorses Rapping Groundhog

The state of Pennsylvania is celebrating Health Careers week Nov. 5 - 9, and who isn't excited?? And rather than promoting it by showing a video of, say, a cool doctor eating a cheesesteak, they're showing one of a 6-foot groundhog rapping to some fly beats circa 1989.

The rodent "G-Hog" and his posse of black prostitutes was the brainchild of Pa. Department of Labor employee Shannon Powers, who "thought a viral video campaign might reach 'teens where they live - online.'" Indeed, most teenagers love anything if it's on the Internet -- just digitize George W. Bush and he'll be the latest meme.

And although the G-Hog video cost $4,157 dollars of Pennsylvania's hard-earned tax dollars, Gov. Ed Rendell approves of the expenditure, but probably just because he got to be in it:

"These occupations not only promise the opportunity to save and improve lives, but they pay well and there are plenty of openings and chances to advance," Gov. Rendell said in a news release touting the video, in which he makes a freakish animatronic cameo.

"And who's better than a giant rapping groundhog to get the attention of young people?"

Silly Ed Rendell. Haven't you ever heard of John McCain? He's the latest Tiger Beat rage.

Rapping G-Hog got this to say ... [Philadelphia Inquirer]

Helpin' People Is Cool (Go G-Hog) [YouTube]


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