PA Republicans Surely Not Secretly Trying To Infect Democrats With COVID-19, No They'd Never!

Brian Sims

Last night, Donald Trump retweeted a New Mexico Trump idiot named Couy Griffin, who runs the Cowboys for Trump, saying that the "only good Democrat is a dead Democrat."

Don't worry, Griffin didn't mean it literally, he meant it in the metaphorical sense, and all the people listening to him laughed, because everybody knows Cowboys for Trump are second only to English teachers when it comes to their embrace of a good metaphor.

Anyway, keep that video and quote and the fact that Trump retweeted it last night in your head while we tell you a story.

Are you familiar with Pennsylvania Democratic state Rep. Brian Sims? Usually when he appears in these august pages, it's for a funny reason, like very recently when we wrote about the very cool MAGA "life coach" who refuses to wear a mask because he thinks that is what makes him look a total cucking loser (yes we said cucking, it's a very cool word). That MAGA "life coach" also challenged Sims, who is gay, to suck a real live man dick, because the MAGA "life coach" thinks Sims is fibbing about being gay. (He's gay.)

Anyway, Sims, because he's got this whole "I am a sexy daddy bear who is legitimately nice" thing going on, and because he's openly gay and has taken a large role in the LGBT rights movement on the national stage, has had kind of an outsized platform compared to other state legislators.

So when he went on Facebook Live last evening and just absolutely lost his righteous shit, people paid attention.

Brian Sims PA House of Reps @RepSims @brrite #PA #GOP

The general story, and what you will see Sims shout about for 12 minutes in the video, is that a GOP member of the Pennsylvania lege, state Rep. Andrew Lewis, tested positive for COVID-19 on May 20, and Republicans did all the things they needed to do to protect the safety of themselves, including multiple members secretly going into self-quarantine. But the GOP caucus decided to hide that fact from the Democratic caucus for over a week, because fuck Democrats, right? What was that thing Donald Trump retweeted this morning?

Sims notes in his video — which is very cussy, so if you are offended by that, how did you stumble upon Wonkette this morning? — that Pennsylvania Republicans have been all over the place passing bills to open back up, acting like it's totally safe to go back to normal, because of how coronavirus is obviously no big deal. (Pennsylvania was one of the earliest coronavirus hotspots.) Sims says this is what happens when Republicans, whom he calls "callous liars," gerrymander districts to usurp power in states that would never let them govern otherwise. Everybody gets fucked.

Law & Crime has some excerpts:

Sims said that Pennsylvania's state government committee "has been the place where all of these fucked up bills to pretend that it is safe to go back to work have been going." He continued to say that "every day, the committee has met so that its members could line up and explain that it was safe to go back to work," but that "meanwhile, we are learning that during that time period, they were testing positive."

Andrew Lewis, the member who tested positive, says that "out of respect for my family, and those who I may have exposed, I chose to keep my positive case private." Because that is totally how contract tracing works. Gotta keep it a secret, out of respect for people's feelings. Lewis, according to the statement he released yesterday confirming his positive diagnosis eight days ago, claims he did all the right things. As you can see, Sims disagrees.

So does his Democratic colleague state Rep. Jason Dawkins:

Rep. Jason Dawkins (D) called GOP leadership "reckless" and said that although "multiple Republican members went into self-quarantine as a result, not a single Democratic lawmaker was informed, including Democratic leadership."

And so does Democratic state Rep. Kevin Boyle of Philadelphia:

"Whoever knew this in the Republican leadership and did not inform the broader membership and staff, they need to resign immediately. This is outrageous and immoral," said Boyle, who said he's trying to get tested in Harrisburg this week before returning to Philadelphia.

And Democratic state Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta of Philadelphia:

"I am livid," said state Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta (D., Phila.), who sits on the committee with Lewis, adding: "They were derelict in their duty when they did not alert us to this immediately.... They put our health at risk, they put our families at risk, and Speaker [Mike] Turzai should resign, period."

Here are a couple more reactions from Democratic Pennsylvania state reps on Twitter:

In case you are missing the significance of this, or why this freak-out is absolutely justified, may we remind you that MORE THAN 100,000 PEOPLE ARE CONFIRMED TO HAVE DIED FROM COVID-19 IN THE UNITED STATES? And that a week is a long fucking time to just completely forget to tell the entire Democratic caucus that oh by the way, you may have been exposed to it, so if you've been going home to your family the past week, maybe your Nana lives with you, maybe she has it too? And while Nana is probably the most at-risk, we still don't really know a goddamned fucking thing about who else is really at risk, and why COVID-19 ignores most 27-year-olds, and then kills other 27-year-olds. So if you have one of those in your house, Pennsylvania Democrat, the Pennsylvania state Republicans may have put them at risk too!

Always assume the worst about Republicans, especially in the Trump era, and especially during this pandemic. Do not put any act of immorality or criminality past them. They have not earned your benefit of the doubt.

Sims is pissed in the video, righteously so. He yells at GOP state Rep. Russ Diamond, who apparently was secretly self-quarantining while also gallivanting around the statehouse without a mask. (Apparently Diamond thinks masks are for dorks, like the MAGA "life coach" who challenged Brian Sims to suck a bunch of dicks if he's so gay.) He demands the resignation of GOP state House Speaker Mike Turzai. And he's calling for pretty much every fucking investigation you can think of.

He reiterated all this on Twitter:

Oh yeah, did we mention Brian Sims just donated a kidney, so he himself is immunocompromised at the moment? He hadn't disclosed that before last night's video, because clearly he doesn't want a pat on the back, and because it's fine to keep that kind of medical information private, because it doesn't put people's lives at risk in the middle of a fucking pandemic.

Republican politicians are absolute pieces of shit, all of them, no matter where they are. Vote them all the fuck out and never let them get within a mile of power ever again.

[Law & Crime / The Philadelphia Inquirer]

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