PA Senate Candidate Dr. Oz Promises To Do A Crap Job If Elected

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PA Senate Candidate Dr. Oz Promises To Do A Crap Job If Elected

He may be technically on the ballot in Pennsylvania, but Dr. Oz is not a real Senate candidate.

The guy has lived in New Jersey for upwards of a decade and only established residency by "renting" his in-laws' house in Montgomery County a couple years ago. He's never done anything in politics, and appears to have no fixed political beliefs other than tacking five clicks to the right of the median Keystone Republican voter in an attempt to get out of the primary without ruining himself for the general. But it's Oz's unforced errors on the campaign trail that prove he's as fake as the raspberry joy juice he flogged as a miracle weight loss cure.

Just yesterday he answered a question about his dual American-Turkish citizenship by promising to forego his senatorial security clearance if elected, as reported by Politics PA.

First of all, what does that even mean? There's no background check for a clearance if you're a member of Congress — you're presumed to be trustworthy by dint of having convinced your fellow citizens to let you represent them. Secondly, how does this goober intend to function as a senator if he can't be in the room when everyone else is discussing classified data? Third of all, how "not ready for prime time" is a candidate who has a ready answer for this obvious question, and still shoots his mouth off and says the dumbest thing that pops into his mind at any given moment?

Oz, who was born in Cleveland to parents who immigrated from Turkey, has gone to great lengths to maintain his dual citizenship, even serving in the Turkish army.

"I had the privilege, as the son of immigrant parents, to grow up American while staying deeply in touch with my Turkish roots," he told SJ Magazine in 2011. "I have a great deal of family back in Turkey, I lived there for a period as a boy, and I served in the Turkish military, which is compulsory for dual citizenship."

His current line is that he needs to keep ties to both countries in order to care for his aging mother, who suffers from Alzheimers disease. Which sounds true enough and has the added benefit of making him look like a dutiful son. But after 13 seasons on television, he was so in love with the sound of his own voice — and so used to saying all manner of nonsense without repercussion — that he shot his mouth off and earned himself a news cycle where Pennsylvania voters were reminded that he's (a) a dual national and (b) a bloviating idiot.

In summary and in conclusion, Pennsylvania Republicans should definitely pick this guy. We libs would be so totally triggered if we had to run against him.

[Politics PA]

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