PAC Questionnaire Collects Some More of Sharron Angle's Fun Beliefs

The AP obtained a PAC questionnaire filled out by Sharron Angle, and surprisingly, it reveals thatshe has some interesting beliefs! The questionnaire had 36 questions and boxes to mark "yes" or "no," so thankfully it was easy for Sharron Angle to fill out. The PAC "Government Is Not God" has endorsed her campaign. Government Is Not God sounds like it is against lawmaking based on religion, but they are apparently dumb, because it's really the opposite; they say they seek "the election to Congress of men and women who hold conservative beliefs on both moral and economic issues." So "God Should Be Government" would be a better name. Anyway, they have some fun ideas about social policies (especially involving the gays!) and Sharron Angle answered "yes" to every one of their questions.

"2. Do you believe that an unborn child is a person under the 14th amendment?" Yes she does! So fetuses are American citizens, apparently. (Unless they're Messican fetuses.)

"11. Do you oppose adding 'sexual orientation' as a protected minority under existing civil rights laws?" Yes she does! Civil rights are not an entitlement. Only special kinds of people should get them.

"12. Do you oppose laws allowing homosexuals to adopt children?" Yes she does! Haha, orphans! You want to exit the foster system and be part of a family that loves you? WELL GET OFF YER ASS AND FIND SOME STRAIGHT PARENTS THAT WANT YOU. If you can't, you obviously aren't cute enough, and nobody should ever love you.

"13. Do you favor laws that restrict the production, sale, and distribution of pornography?" Yes she does! ERNEST J. PAGELS, JR. LIVES!

"16. Do you support the right of students and teachers to publicly acknowledge the Creator?" Yes she does! But it doesn't specify which "Creator," so PRAISE TARVU!

"18. Should federal involvement in public education be eliminated, including eliminating the U.S. Department of Education?" Yes it should! If you can't afford to go to a Jesus school, children, you don't deserve to have an education. Hooray, ending hundreds of years of social progress!

"22. Do you oppose federally funded school-based health clinics?" Yes she does! Have fun dying, children!

She also wouldn't take PAC money from corporations that support "'equal rights for gays'" and offer "benefits to 'partners' of homosexual employees." Quotation marks are fun!

Asked about Angle's answers, her spokesman Jarrod Agen said, "this nation has a long history of clergy speaking their conscience, whether you're talking about the Founding Fathers or Martin Luther King. As a strong believer in the First Amendment, Sharron Angle believes it is improper for the federal government to use the threat of revoking tax exempt status against churches and pastors."

Umm, okay! That addresses only one of the questions on the form, and not one of the controversial ones, either. But nice effort, dude who has a similarly misspelled name as Sharron Angle.

To be fair, it's obvious Sharron Angle just answered "yes" to everything without looking at the questions because she wanted this PAC's money. Sharron Angle is bringing to the Senate the leadership of a kid who marks "C" for every answer on his Scantron sheet. [Politico, WP]


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