PAC the Courvoisier

ONCE AGAIN: We need to get us a PAC.

Brand-new disclosure reports filed with the FEC show that the new House majority leader, John Boehner of Ohio, or his representatives, spent $1,465 at Schneider's [liquor store] on Feb. 3. Just a day earlier, Boehner had been elected to the mighty leadership post, so a celebration was in order. The bill was paid by The Freedom Project, Boehner's leadership PAC.
Boehner's Freedom Project, however, appears to be the store's best congressional customer in 2006.

Oh, man. We thought we had it pretty good when we got our boss to pick up a bar tab every now and then, but to have a blank check for use at the liquor store? Well, Wonkette would be Caps Locked and punctuation-free by 3 p.m. every day, but now we know that our readers on the Hill are equally soused, so what's the difference.

Boehner's -- and other's -- Booze Bills [Plain Dealer]


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