Pakistan's ISI Wants Nothing But the Best For the U.S., Really

Pakistan's ISI Wants Nothing But the Best For the U.S., Really
  • Those leaks from Wikileaks seem to show that the ISI, the Pakistani spy agency that essentially created the Taliban, still is really quite supportive of that organization, despite Pakistan being technically allied with several countries trying to destroy it. But the ISI would like you to know that this is all a bunch of lies and hearsay. For instance, when an ISI agent told three people to "make the snow warm in Kabul," this did not necessarily mean that they should set the city aflame, with bombings. And the plan to kill NATO troops with poisoned alcohol -- would that have even worked? Isn't alcohol technically already poisonous? [WP]
  • Will Elizabeth Warren, who thought up the new consumer protection agency that was a part of the financial reform bill, be appointed to head it, and become your new consumer protection girlfriend? Obama and Geithner have been talking her up, which they think will make the liberals feel better when they pick some ex-CEO for the job instead because he (yes obviously it will be a he) will be more easily confirmed by Congress. [NYT]
  • The illegal immigrant-coddling Obama Administration's rate of deportation is only 10 percent higher than the Bush Administration's, and the rate of workplace audits has only quadrupled. Mass arrests at workplaces have gone down, though, and what's an immigration policy without mass arrests? [WP]
  • British Conservatives opposed to the party's current government coalition with the Liberal Democrats are threatening to form something called the "Brokeback Club," which, have those guys even seen that movie? [BBC]

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