Palin Clothing Tab Rises To $180,000

Palin Clothing Tab Rises To $180,000

Cast your mind back to late October, when $150,000 still seemed like a lot of money. That's how much the Republican National Committee reported it had spent to date on Sarah Palin's silken royal costumes and tastefully selected haute couture for her rapidly multiplying hillbilly brood. It turns out that, in the final tally, the RNC did not spend 150K after all -- they spent $30,000more than that.

New spending reports reveal that that the RNC's tab came to a princely $180,000, spent not only at high-end stores like Saks and Nieman Marcus but also crappy "regular people" stores like Foot Locker and Wal-Mart and Toys R Us. Jesus Christ. If you are going to let people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars making you look fancy, do not let your designated shoppers to go fucking Foot Locker. That is just throwing good money after bad.

RNC spends $180K on Palin and family [Politico]


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