Palin Using Her 'Grizzly Phone' Too Much

Another Tuesday means another round of primary elections for feminist trailblazer Sarah Palin and her grizzly moms: the lady Republicans who love what Palin loves, like guns and power and Sarah Palin. Mama Palin's been helping her grrrls by making fancy robocalls on their behalf, but some people are saying these calls might be illegal! Why are "they" are trying to "knock" the grizzlies down?

Last week Palin made a robocall suggesting to South Carolina voters that Nikki Haley did not have sex with that blogger -- or that other guy -- like "they" said. But a spokesman for Republican attorney general Henry McMaster, who's been trying to destroy female empowerment in South Carolina by running for the GOP spot against Haley, says the Palin calls might have been verboten:

"So-called robocalls are illegal under our state law," the spokesperson, Mark Plowden, e-mails. "Specifically, to drop a recorded message on a live answerer, without any sort of live operator involved, is illegal."

Haley's campaign said the sacred Palin message "was programmed to never be picked up by a live person," but they could not explain how they could prevent people from answering their phones. Fact: People usually pick up the phone when it rings. Why? Because they don't want mama grizzlies to ever win anything or be happy, that's why.

Anyway, now in California comes word that Palin's been helping her cool computer friend, U.S. GOP primary candidate for U.S. Senate Carly Fiorina, get out the vote by placing some last-minute robocalls on her behalf, and that these calls also might be illegal. Fiorina's fellow GOP contender, Chuck DeVore, says she's violating the California Public Utilities Commission's rules that require such calls to be "preceded by a live human being before the recording starts and only be placed to people who agree to them beforehand."

Fiorina's campaign says the law doesn't apply. Also, Chuck DeVore is "desperate." End of story!

When a mama grizzly can't make calls to fight for her sisters, then it's not a free country anymore. But probably nobody will enforce the law against them, because they are too afraid of getting clawed in the face. [Washington Post / LA Times]


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