Palins Build Fence To Keep Pervert (/Acclaimed Non-Fiction Writer) Away

Palins Build Fence To Keep Pervert (/Acclaimed Non-Fiction Writer) Away

Look! It's a new, tall fence goin' up between Sarah Palin and her new neighbor, book author Joe McGinniss, who just moved thereto spy on Piper on her toilet. Do you know how Joe McGinniss found this plush Wasilla masturbation cave?

Ben Smith gets hold of an email from McGinniss' son:

Sarah Palin's next-door neighbor sought out author Joe McGinniss as a tenant, McGinniss's son said.

"No one is stalking anyone," Joe McGinniss, Jr., a novelist whose father is the non-fiction writer, wrote in response to an email from a Palin supporter who confused his email address and his father's. (He shared the email with me.) "A woman was renting her house and sought out the author because the Palins had crossed her (owed her money for renovations she had done at their request and never paid her for). So she knew McGinniss was writing the book and found him and offered him the house."

Pay your debts!

And now all Joe McGinniss does is watch them skinnydip in their "swimmin' hole" (the big lake), every day.



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