Panicky Billionaire Mayor Orders Eviction of Zuccotti Park (VIDEO)

Panicky Billionaire Mayor Orders Eviction of Zuccotti Park (VIDEO)

Here is video from inside Zuccotti Park early Tuesday morning as the NYPD moved in to trash the encampment and arrest dozens of peacefully resisting protesters. THAT'S QUITE ENOUGH FREEDUMZ 4 U ALL according to nervous billionaire goon Michael Bloomberg, who ordered the "closed-to-the-press" midnight raid to placate twitchy corporate overlords to protect the "safety" of protesters. There was so much safety, in fact, that a New York City Councilman got his head smashed in and was arrested in the sweep. More photos after the jump!

Wonkette superhero operative KenLayIsAlive was on the scene and sends us this report:

Police had blocked off about 16 sq blocks or so, completely surrounding the park. People responding to the call were stopped by barricades on Broadway. I was prevented from getting any further. Eventually the group I was in, maybe 500-600 people marched straight up the middle of B'Way to Foley Sq., throwing barricades into the street as we did. Eventually this group too was surrounded by police. I snuck away at this point and returned back to B'Way.

Here are protesters linking arms to prevent a NYPD van from reaching Liberty Plaza:

Lawyers for the Occupy Movement have already won an early-morning temporary restraining order blocking Bloomberg and the owners of Zuccotti Park from evicting protesters and their tents or preventing their return. The NYT reports that lawyers say protesters will attempt to return this morning.

Here is part of Bloomberg's pissy Orwellian statement arguing that free speech doesn't count as much as "health and safety" as determined by the police state:

From the beginning, I have said that the City had two principal goals: guaranteeing public health and safety, and guaranteeing the protesters' First Amendment rights. But when those two goals clash, the health and safety of the public and our first responders must be the priority.

More photos from the night's chaos:

And to be extra monstrous, Twitter reports that the cops also dumped the 5,000 donated books in the People's Library into the trash. HOORAY FOR IGNORANCE. [Guardian/YouTube]


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