Paris, darling, you're awful...but we love you

paris_hilton_deposition.jpgOh, Paris! On this, the day that a transcript of your defamation-based deposition with lawyers for Zeta Graff has hit Page Six, we finally, truly understand the difficulties inherent to the life of an heiress. Namely, the lack of a good, old-fashioned enrollment in finishing school.

Girl, the transcript they've posted shows you're simply, delightfully full of that caterwauling bitchiness they slowly but surely beat out of us in our years at Brearley, and we've got nothing but a newfound respect for your ability to claw your way out of any entanglement! Good luck with the lawyers! (Here's a hint...we hear they all live on the Upper West Side.)

UPDATE: Shit, OK, wait. I just got an IM from my temporary site supervisor saying I wasn't, in fact, guest-blogging for Gawker, as I thought was the case earlier this morning, but rather, Wonkette, the more political-oriented gossipy website. Shit. Shit. All of a sudden, I feel like a bitched whale without a mooring.

So...introduction time. My name is Jean-Paul Tremblay, and I honestly have little-to-no political awareness, the best I can tell...though there is my experience as a novelist. Some of you may have read my most recent tome, the thrilling political pot-boiler Checks, Balances, and Balanced Checkbooks, which is, as longtime fans will surely know, another in my long-running series about rogue tobacco lobbyist Jason McCabe and his attempts to do right by his any means necessary. I'd post a link to it on Amazon, but, well, it's a vanity press, and Jeff Bezos seems to have a thing against self-publishing.

Which is what makes this blogging thing so great! After my initial disappointment about not being asked to do Gawker, I did learn that I'm apparently here today as the first of six "Wonkettes for a Day", each of us appearing over the next six days, in advance of the new Wonkettes starting the following Monday, January 30th.

Maybe next time, then, I'll do something clever like switch the contents of the Paris Hilton deposition mentioned above with the taped threat issued by that Osama Bin Laden guy. That could work, right? Right?


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