Paris Protests Continue to Be Awesomer Than Ours

sybadmoon.jpgWe are just going to second TVNewer's call for screengrabs (or clips, better yet!) of this (quoting Brian Williams):

"With the cable networks airing the very same live pool pictures from Paris, I just saw a young man using his bare buttocks to express his sentiments to French Police spraying the protestors with water cannons. His aforementioned derriere aired simultaneously on two different cable networks, followed by various one-finger salutes (it could be a regional thing, but I fear it means the same thing as it does where I grew up in Jersey) aired live on CNN. It all makes for interesting, albeit R-rated, afternoon cable viewing."

C'mon, people. We want those pictures on our desk by tomorrow morning.

Bottoms Up on Cable News [TVNewser]


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