Passover: The Other Spring Holiday

Passover: The Other Spring Holiday

Attention descendants of wandering Arameans everywhere: It's Passover. Eight days of eating Matzah and longing to go number two in celebration of the virgin blood that Jews smeared on their doors and the subsequent death of lots of Egyptians. The Easter Bunny, as we understand it, survived unharmed. The world may be run by Jews, but it's damn hard to find a Passover meal in this city -- let alone a good bagel and lox, corned beef sandwiches, pickles, etc. But we searched high and low, and, hey, look, there's Passover in DC!

To clarify: Non-Jews are allowed to eat this food. And for those of you who care, we make no promises that it's all kosher.

  • Dino: This Italian restaurant in Cleveland Park is hosting a "bring your own Haggadah" passover menu. Feast on chopped liver, chicken soup, fish and meat. The special runs March 29-April 4 and the complete four-course meal is $55 per adult and $25 per child.
  • Hudson: You can host your very own seder at Hudson, and here your meal comes with a haggadah. They're serving Matzah ball soup, Latkes (wrong holiday, but we'll let it slide), a roast leg of lamb, and brisket.
  • Rosa Mexicana: Latin American Jews just do it better. Observe: From March 24 through April 5, Rosa Mexicana is serving up Latin-inspired passover specials including tropical haroset, banana leaf-wrapped brisket with dried fruit tsimmes, red snapper gefilte fish, and emparedados de helado (macaroon ice cream sandwiches).
  • Buzz Bakery:Buzz will be offering two desserts for Passover this year: a Passover Honey Nut Loaf made with matzoh, almonds, oranges and honey for $12 and a Passover Lemon Cheesecake made with a matzoh crust for $22.

You can pick up kosher food at Morty's Delicatessen in Tenleytown, Max's Kosher Cafe in Silver Spring or at Eli's Restaurant in Dupont Circle, though we don't love Eli's at all.

And, for those curious what the hell this holiday actually celebrates, where the Passover Death Angel fits in, and why we kept mentioning haggadahs, go here for a nice little Passover 101.


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