Pastor Haggard Steps Down: Is "Blowvember" the Best We Got?

Gay Pastor Haggard - WonketteTed Haggard, previously mentioned here, just fucking resigned from the National Association of Evangelicals due to the rumors of his employing a gay escort named Mike Jones (and doing meth). Jones claims to have saved voicemails from the pastor, who still denies it all, but this is still weird fucking news.

To learn more about how crazy and dangerous Haggard is (even without the gay hooker bit), read this really good Harper's piece from last year.

Update: He also placed himself on "administrative leave" from his church. Countdown to rehab, guys. First commenter to pick the date he announces he's headed for Hazelden wins an unspecified and possibly imaginary prize!

Haggard Stepping Down Amid Gay Affair Inquiry [Denver Post]

Earlier:Secretly Gay Evangelical Leader: "Who Is Mike Jones?"


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