Pat Buchanan Grumbles Out Some Truth About Fellow '90s Has-Been Newt Gingrich


[youtube expand=1]

Here's Pat Buchanan talking about former House Speaker "Nude" Gingrich on this never-ending mosque bullshit non-issue. And he's actually very right! Wow, there you go. A nice summary of the breadth of contemporary Republican political tactics. Looks like some pundits are more capable than a grilled cheese sandwich, even when they're just residue somebody scraped from the crusty old remains of yesteryear. This man is like a grilled cheese sandwich WITH TOMATO!

But when somebody takes a different opinion from the way the wind is blowing, the media can only assume they are trying to shore up a base of their own for a PRESIDENTIAL RUN. OMG, you guys, Pat Buchanan is going to be the Reform Party president of Florida again! And this time he will maybe be too tired to go full-bigot!

Haha, no, just kidding. Pat Buchanan also thinks this Muslim community center is evil.

Safe travels, Magoo. [YouTube]


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