Pat Leahy Returning To Secret Comic Book Identity

comic book guy - WonketteHaving spent the past year throwing comical questions at Alberto Gonzales and all his sexy Christian super-villain ladies, Senate Judiciary Chairman Pat Leahy is now returning to his first love: performing in Batman movies. But what role will Leahy fill in the new caped crusader movie?

It's not the first Batman acting gig for the Vermont senator, who apparently just loves Batman, because everybody knows even powerful old senators really just want to live in comic-book world and forget all this bullshit. In 1997, Leahy was an extra in the franchise movie "Batman & Robin." And now he's getting his own speaking part.

Who will he play? We've gone over the Batman Villains and there's one clear choice, especially since Frank Gorshin's tragic death in 2005:

Riddle me this, Cheney ... - Wonkette

Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Gotham) [CNN Ticker]


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