Pat Robertson Asks God for Commandment Exemption

Sfw But God's NotWay to hustle, Pat Robertson, keeping evangelical Christianity interesting! As you may know, Pat recently called for someone to assassinate Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez. A controversial move, to be sure, but we had no idea that Christianity was like some massive multiplayer game where someone could just take people out. (That's what he said: ''We have the ability to take him out, and I think the time has come that we exercise that ability.'') Sure, Robertson has called for God to empty a couple of benches on the Supreme Court, but, generously, that could just mean asking God to make them sick, or asking God to give their spouse a terminal illness so they'd have to retire. Assassination, though? Hottt. Is there a plug-in that allows you to fuck? Better hope Hillary doesn't try to ban it.

Robertson's Comments Are Slammed by Venezuela [AP/NYT]

Hillary Clinton: The "Mod" is for "Moderate" [Wonkette]


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