Some of you doubt Pat. Sure, you think it's "big" and "cool" to not believe that the holiest most beloved-by-Jesus man in the world is also the strongest. Here's what a couple emailers had to say:

I am a wrestling coach and longtime weightlifter. The video shows a hip sled loaded with three 45 lb. plates and two of those rubber plates used to make it look like you're lifting more than you are (deep blue 10, green 25). So I'm guessing 330 lbs, tops; and it's a HIP SLED, not a squat or a bench press, so yeah, a man of his age and of average vigor who works out regularly could do that. But 2000? Uh-uh.

A few more reactions, after the jump.

Uh, he's doing what would be known while squatting as "chicken squats" or "chicken presses", he doesn't bring the weights down for a full extension, he's basically doing freaking calf raises.

If he did the whole motion of the lift as you're supposed to he would probably be doing a quarter of that weight, if that.

And, as our commenters pointed out, he's not doing full reps, and, well, he's using his hands.

Which means only that we must wait for his next video, in which he will run a 3 minute mile while towing a bus with his teeth.

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