Patrick Leahy Takes Picture, Fails to Accomplish Anything Else Before Summer Recess

vraleahy.jpgIn a hilarious mix-up, a Captiol File party photog was at this very moment leading a subcommittee meeting on corporate pensions. (AP)

bushsignrollcall.jpgAbove, the AP photo of the signing of the Voting Rights Act (you can tell it's the VRA because Bush looks pissed and John Conyers was allowed to stand behind him and gloat). At left, Senator Patrick Leahy is either really, really excited to be this close to the President, or he's just trying to get a good look at the signing statement, which presumably says something about the Act applying only to people "with the surname 'Brown,'" or not being enforceable in states whose names end in vowels.

Senator Leahy provided Roll Call with the resulting photo. As you can see at right, it's not very good. But it does have the power, as demonstrated by some no-doubt giggling web editor, to make Roll Call's cartoon actually funny.

Roll Call


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