Page Six, whose commitment to accuracy is matched only by anonymous blog commenters and unbalanced street people, reports a stunning development today: Did Shaha Ali RZA dump Shoeless Paul Wolfowitz? Maybe! It's possible! Hell, they read it on a website!

Investigative reporter Wayne Madsen, who broke some of the first stories on the Wolfowitz scandal on, said reliable sources confirmed to him "that Wolfie and Shaha are history."

Madsen adds that last week, he spotted Ali Riza by herself, walking up 19th Street in Washington from World Bank offices after Wolfowitz appeared in a closed-door meeting before the bank's executive board. "I thought to myself . . . it's strange she'd be alone right now," Madsen said.

Yes, Wayne "Once I write it, it's kind of true" Madsen saw the Wolfucker walking up 19th without the Wolkfuckee.

You know what this means, gals: Paul's single! So go try for that promotion, ladies. You've earned it.



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