Dentist-Rep Paul Gosar Spends Christmas With Violent Fantasies About Hillary Clinton


The holidays are hard for a lot of people. Some people have lost family members and just feel sad, some people don't talk to their family members and feel sad, and others, well, they feel sad because they still have to talk to their family members. Honestly, I'm starting to think we shouldn't even bother anymore and that everyone should just make up their own un-depressing holidays that are more conducive to their own lives and personal situations — and which could take place right after other, more official holidays, in order to take advantage of the sales.

One person that was probably not having the best of all Christmasses (Christmasi?) was Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar. As you may recall, back in September of 2018, his brothers and sisters got together in order to tell people not to vote for their brother, on account of how incredibly racist and terrible he is.

Please to recall:

So rather than spending time with his estranged siblings this Christmas Eve Day, Gosar instead decided to take to Twitter to celebrate what he considers "the true reason for the season." Was it Jesus? No, it was not Jesus. Was it something else Bible-y? No, it was nothing Bible-y. Was it even just being a nice person in some capacity? Ha!

It was Hillary Clinton nearly getting hit with a lighting fixture and Bill Clinton pulling her out of the way:

Boy, if I were the kind of religious person who sobs over insufficiently festive Starbucks cups or store clerks not being able to psychically determine my personal religion and then wishing me a "happy holiday!" I bet I'd feel a certain kind of way about that!

While I don't feel that particular way, I do think it's rather disturbing for anyone to "celebrate" a woman nearly getting hit with a lighting fixture nigh on 30 years ago. Does he have it playing on a loop on a projector in some sad Arizona hurt locker somewhere? I am concerned. I think he needs help. Perhaps a lot of people do. Perhaps the Right has become so Trumpified that they can't find joy in anything these days other than a woman nearly getting hit with a large object.

I don't think we really need to point out "if this had been Melania Trump" or even if it had been Trump himself or any Republican, we would be hearing for absolute days about how the Left is violent and how poor, innocent white nationalists cannot even sleep at night for fear Antifa is going to come and get them with imaginary cement milkshakes — but let's say it anyway, because it's true.


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Robyn Pennacchia

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