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One of Paul Ryan's very last acts as speaker of the House is aimed at addressing immigration -- of white people, thank goodness. He pushed a bill that would grant a whole bunch of extra work visas to Irish immigrants "as a grateful nod to his Irish ancestors," as Politico put it. Isn't that sweet? And also more than just a little weird, given the Republican obsession with clamping down on immigration in almost every other direction? Wonder what it could be about Irish immigrants that somehow makes admitting more of them appealing to Republicans? Probably all those sentimental ballads, we bet!

The bill would take the annual allotment of E-3 visas reserved for Australians and grant any leftovers to applicants from the Emerald Isle. The E-3 visa is a special immigration carve-out for Aussies working in "specialty occupations" that require a bachelor's degree or equivalent. Since Australians have only been taking a bit over half the 10,500 work visas available each year since the program started in 2005, that's another roughly 5,000 white people we could be improving America with, so hey, says Ryan, we need Irish! No, apply!

Ryan's bill already passed the House in November, but may be in trouble in the Senate, where one Republican is still blocking it, which is an improvement, Politico notes, because mere weeks ago, six Republicans were blocking it.

Of course, the Senate is a little busy at the moment, what with trying to pass a continuing resolution to keep the government open while keeping President Diaperbaby happy. And even if the one, unidentified Republican is won over, the bill would have to be signed by Donald Trump, a decision that would really be up to Stephen Miller, who may be so pissed over everyone making fun of his spray-on hair that he'll be more unpredictable than usual. What's the greater good for Trump's Immigration Gauleiter? Bringing in another 5,000 white people a year, or the ideological purity of clamping down on all immigration? We assume making America even a little bit whiter might be the goal, but don't assume the basest of the base would go along. The immigration absolutists at Dead Breitbart's Home for Modern Know-Nothings are very much against ANY immigration, including this horrifying influx of degenerate Paddies and mackerel-snappers who would undoubtedly loll about all day drinking, going to confession, and getting maudlin about their mothers:

Retiring House Speaker Paul Ryan is quietly pushing a bill to outsource many thousands of U.S. college graduate jobs to Irish graduates and deliver amnesty to Irish illegals. [...]

The plan would provide the Irish — but not anyone else — with roughly 50,000 endlessly renewable work permits per decade.

We like how they use the decade-long measure to make the number bigger and scarier. The article even misleadingly quotes an advocate for Irish immigration to imply the bill is aimed at getting legal status for Irish migrants here illegally. Behold the fake newsing!

The beneficiaries of the Ryan plan would include many Irish who are working illegally in the United States, said Billy Lawless, a Chicago-based Irish politician who is responsible for representing the Irish diaspora in the United States. "The undocumented are number one in my mind … maybe more than I think might qualify for this," he told a radio show on November 13.

Dude says he thinks helping Irish people here illegally is more important (or just a larger number?) than the number who would qualify for E-3 visas. Ergo, since the two separate groups are within the same edited statement, this bill would give illegals amnesty! (Seriously, the article mentions amnesty for Irish "illegals" again and again, with no actual proof at all -- but one Irish guy said a thing they distorted, so let's go with that.

Also, too, the ultimate goal of the Irish is to flood our nation with brutish potato eaters!

"More importantly, it is a stepping stone" to further reforms that could increase migration from Ireland, Lawless said. "Irish communities are suffering because we are not getting the young Irish out [to the United States] anymore."

See, they want a vast pipeline sending priests and Sineads and probably more damn Hannitys to our shores! Something something globalists, something something Soros. We're just surprised they didn't also dredge up this old 1871 Irish Panic cartoon by Thomas Nast to warn that decent, God-fearing Protestants will be murdered by drunken Catholic thugs, with clubs and bombs.

The Breitbart piece goes on to portray Ryan as an evil advocate of giving all American jobs to foreigns and the sole reason for Republican losses in the midterms, so you can bet Stephen Miller is listening very carefully. Hell, there's even a weird rant about how Irish Taoiseach (prime minister) Leo Varadkar is a scary FOREIGN dude trying to pollute Ireland's white breeding stock:

Ireland's progressive prime minister, Leo Varadkar, has accelerated plans to dramatically boost the nation's population, even though a huge inflow of foreigners will drive up real estate prices, force down blue collar wages, and fragment civic solidarity.

Varadkar wishes to raise the nation's population from 4.8 million in 2017 to 5.8 million in 2040. Varadkar is the son of an Indian immigrant and is increasingly popular among anti-national elites in European politics[...]

Also, pro-migration advocates are trying to provide birthright citizenship to illegal migrants in Ireland. The very unpopular policy practice was ended by a 2004 referendum.

Dear God, if that happens, then Ireland might suffer the fate of California and be overrun by browns, and then they'd all migrate here!!!!!!! (5,000 per year, at least).

Among saner people, Dems are pointing out this is all pretty rich, what with Republicans being Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Rals about immigration in general, but also saying, oh, sure, more Irish are fine, because surely we can take in a few thousand white people a year. Just as long as we slam the doors for browns. You see, last year, 16,331 people applied for asylum -- an all-time high, mind you, and even if the average approval for asylum remains at about 20 percent (3,266) we can't possibly take in such huge swarms of people. (Of course, that doesn't mean that the 80 percent not approved are faking -- it just means the asylum process is incredibly, even needlessly, rigorous.)

On the other hand, 5,000 Irish would be no trouble at all. Paul Ryan, as an American named Kelley, please let me invite you to take your Irish Heritage and Gaelic my balls.

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