Paul Ryan Wishes Republicans Would Stop Being Nazis. Or Other Way Around.

Paul Ryan has made a stunning discovery about the Alt-Right that all black people and most not black Americans knew the instant those skinheads from the '90s traded in their steel-toed boots and jagged jean shorts for khakis and tiki torches. Ryan, the hear-no-evil Speaker-no-evil of the House of Representatives, has learned that the alt-right IS RACIST!

Amazingly enough, it wasn't the Tiki Torch Parade of Antisemitism and Jim Crow throwbacks that helped Ryan understand Nazis. Oh no, Paul Ryan came up with this on his own because he noticed that actual Nazis keep running for office as Republicans, which makes Republicans look super racist, and that is just not fair.

Ryan sat down with Jonah Goldberg from the National Review at an American Enterprise Institute event and discussed Conservatives "fighting back" against their very own White Nationalism.

"I think we should do everything to defeat it, the alt-right," Ryan said. "It is identity politics. It's antithetical to what we believe. And it's a hijacking of our terms, just like the progressives hijacked the word liberalism, the blood-and-soil nationalists of the alt-right have hijacked things of Western civilization."

Hola, Paul. Nice to see you using your wonk status to do more than simply impress your fellow GOP congressjerks by actually reading a House bill. We, the people who stole the word liberal, have been screaming that your party uses white identity as a weapon for fucking decades. Remember Nixon's Southern Strategy and how Reagan was like that old white dude who was born back when black folks had to step into the muddy streets to let a white man pass? Or else die? Yeah. That's Reagan. He was racist.

I'm sorry to inform you, Paul, but the alt-right didn't hijack a damn thing. They have been a part of your party since the days of the Dixiecrats. (Ok, waaaay before then.) I like how you pretend, though.

"And so we have to go back and fight for our ground and re-win these ideas and marginalize these guys," he continued. "The problem we have is there's fresh evidence that that stuff works… when you throw 21st Century technology on there and people can make money doing it, that is a problem."

It's almost like reading something HILLARY CLINTON SAID IN 2016.

Funny how you waited until you were damn near retired before you decided to go to war against your voters. I mean, your racists. Also, btw, you have Paul Nehlen running as a GOP candidate FOR YOUR VERY OWN SEAT, along with various other Nazis, Racists, White Nationalists, Pimps, and Mom Killers. So it might be best to start your marginalization war by VETTING YOUR RACIST CANDIDATES. After that, maybe try looking at your President, your Congress, your propaganda (Fox News), your rhetoric, your think tanks, your messaging, your history, and your voters. Once you finish, you'll still be racists who constantly tell black Democrats to "get off the Plantation!" but at least you'll know exactly how racist you are. How racist, Paul? Fucking VERY.

"The alt-right, they don't believe in classic liberalism if they believe in this kind of white identity politics. This is not conservatism, that is racism, that is nationalism. That is not what we believe in. That is not natural rights. That is not natural law."

Ok, let me translate that for you.

The alt-right is the GOP and we don't give a fuck about ideas anymore. Never really did. This is conservatism, racism gets us votes, just like white nationalism does. But donors are nervous, so, I'll fake a fight. We're Republicans. We don't believe in anything, really. That is our natural right. That is natural law. Also, we're now stealing the phrase "classic liberal" for Jordan Peterson and Bari Weiss to hide behind, because we poisoned the term "conservative" and NOBODY wants to be a neoliberal, which is really what these fuckers are, and not the women running the Planned Parenthood down the block.

It really makes more sense when you use your Wonderbitch Bullshit translator.

Seeing Paul Ryan faking the funk while trying to cloak the GOP in a veil of pure innocence on racism brings back fond memories of Paul Ryan being guilty of racist dog whistles.

Remember that time he attacked those "inner city" people (Black People) for being poor and having absent fathers and no jobs for several generations (lol, that's 120 proof racism)? No, well, let me remind you.

"We have got this tailspin of culture, in our inner cities in particular, of men not working and just generations of men not even thinking about working or learning to value the culture of work, so there is a real culture problem here that has to be dealt with,"

Oh no!! Not the CULTURE!!! Maybe Blah people have Urban Culture, which is evil and causes chemtrails and Nickelback and also gets you fired? Obviously Ryan is a liar and an idiot who listens to White Nationalism, and files it away in his "wonky" brain as cold hard facts. Because he's dumb and not a wonk. Stop calling him that.

Paul Ryan has dirty paws when it comes to handing out racist drivel, and he also proudly used ideas from an obvious white supremacist back in 2014 when blaming poverty on city slickers (Black People).


"Ryan also pointed to the work of Charles Murray, a social scientist who has been identified as a "white nationalist" by the Southern Poverty Law Center for arguing in his research that disadvantaged communities remain disadvantaged primarily because they cannot compete with white men because they are intellectually and morally inferior by comparison."

Look at that, there. Mmmm hmmm. Paul is a white nationalist pig in a prevaricating poke. Stop laughing at him cosplaying as a Valiant Honorable Conservative Uprooter of White Supremacy! He needs to lure non-racist whites back to the GOP, and they might hear you and feel ashamed. Laugh at his workout videos instead.

Yeah, the White Man's Burden is a struggle, man. It's so hard to find enough willfully ignorant people to replace the dying descendants of the Dixiecrats these days that now you have to pretend to fight racism to get white votes. Well, don't worry, Paul, you will be a complete failure at this, just like you are as Speaker of the House and at defending our Democracy from the Russian asset in the White House. Nice try, though. But this is a bit like The Devil complaining about all that sinning going on in Hell.

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