Paul Simon, Reporting for Duty!

kerry thinks he is cool.jpgBlowing Nikki Finke's theory that John Kerry is actually hip, an alert Wonkette reader points out an eery similarity between a passage in John Kerry's speech:

Home, where my public life began and those who made it possible live;

Home, where our nation's history was written in blood, idealism and hope;

Home, where my parents showed me the values of family, faith and country."

And the chorus to Paul Simon's Homeward Bound:

Home where my thought's escaping,

Home where my music's playing,

Home where my love lies waiting

We're certain the junior Senator from the Bay State was angling for the Garfunkle vote.

Speech to the 2004 Democratic National Convention []

Homeward Bound Lyrics []

[REUTERS/Jim Young]


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