Paul Wolfowitz Won't Resign When It's Overcast

Shoeless Paul still won't resign from the World Bank, and the board still can't decide how to make him go without firing him. It's a bit like a Mexican standoff, except for how it gets more tedious instead of intense as it endlessly drags on.

Wolfie is still giving impassioned statements and pleading for understanding and generally blubbering like a little girl at how mean everyone is to him, while his attack dog lawyer tries to browbeat everyone into leaving him alone. Paul just can't resign, you know, in this sort of weather.

Wolfowitz has insisted he would not resign under a cloud. His attorney, Robert S. Bennett, reiterated that position yesterday and insisted that Wolfowitz retained "full and complete support from the White House."

Meanwhile unnamed White House officials pointed out to the Post that they know full well that Wolfowitz has shot himself in the foot and they're just looking for the least painful way possible to get him to go away. In other words, bring on another week of reports and investigations and statements and threats and late-night phone calls from Hank Paulsen!

White House Support for Wolfowitz Wavers [WP]


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