Paultard Blimp Gives Way to Paultard Cat

your cat sucksMy, isn't the realm of magnificent Paultard videos flourishing these days? Well there's plenty of room on the YouTubes for every Paultard, not just the ones trying to buy blimps for campaign voyages to Middle Earth. In the accompanying picture you'll find Paultard A, who last night stupided upon an even better way than blimps to spread Paultardism. Thankfully for our purposes, he e-mailed his Ron Paul listserve about the creative process:

Tonight I was playing with my cat with a laser pointer, thinking about Ron Paul as well as my newest toy an ancient Tibetan Singing Bowl.

Decided to throw the thoughts together and make a short video (less than a minute). The video doesn't focus on spreading Ron Paul's message, but does get his name out there by shear presence. The video is both animal fun and background advertising for Ron Paul. Consider sending the video link to your non-political friends to help further Ron Paul's name recognition. (emphasis ours)

Paultard A's brilliant study in subliminal psycho-advertising, after the jump.

[youtube expand=1]

My cat screwed your Paultard cat's mother last night, bitch.

Ron Paul Cat chases Laser [YouTube]


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